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If you want a fun film for the whole family, check out The Boss Baby. It’s adorable and great entertainment for all ages.

Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi) is a happy little seven-year-old boy. Actually, he insists he is seven and a half! He has all the attention of his loving mother and father (Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel). So when they ask if he wants a brother or sister, he says no! He says he is enough and is happy with just the three of them. But that is about to change because his mother is pregnant.

Then something strange happens. A baby (Alec Baldwin) arrives via a taxi. This baby can walk and talk, but the only one who knows is little Tim. What is going on?

The baby explains that puppies are becoming more in demand than babies so he was sent to get the scoop on the new puppy that is being created by the company where Tim’s parents work.

Tim is not happy with all the attention the baby is getting from his parents. He feels neglected. Things are not the same as they had been. But when the baby tells him that once he gets the info on the new puppy he’ll go away, Tim is excited to help. At last he knows the baby is not going to stay. All they have to do is to get the scoop on the new puppy, then Tim will have his parents all to himself again and his life will go back to normal.

Tim and the baby have some wild adventures while on their quest. And to his surprise, Tim actually likes the baby. They make a great team. And add in some of the boss baby’s friends who are also infiltrating the adult world of puppy making, and you have a cute cast of characters.

This is a sweet story of love and family, and although it has a PG rating, it really doesn’t have anything controversial except some mild rude humor. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful and imaginative film for everyone.

Bonus features include a look at BabyCorp, where the babies come from. There are deleted scenes and a featurette on the boss baby’s accomplices. There is also a new adventure with Tim and the baby. These are great additions to the fun family film, however even if you don’t watch them, the movie is worth watching. It will definitely put a smile on your face.

The Boss Baby is now available on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K.

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