‘Calming a Panic’ album for stressful times

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There’s no doubt that we are living in stressful times. Kids can be affected by the stress of their parents and just everyday life. The new album (CD or digital files) by Nicole Porter helps to alleviate panic and stress with upbeat and fun music as well as inspirational messages. Calming a Panic is meant for kids, but it is also a great stress reliever for adults.

With upbeat music combining pop, rock, classical and jazz, with a bit of show tunes mixed in, the songs are all fun and helpful in tough situations. Sometime little things feel unmanageable and frightening for kids (and adults). While parents try to reassure their kids and help them feel happy in whatever situation is troubling them, having an additional tool is helpful. These songs are just the tools for bringing some light into a dark situation or help uplift a worried child.

All of the songs are filled with enthusiasm and messages of confidence. It’s a great way to bring some sunshine into a dreary or sad day. The songs are fun and even the titles are cute:

  • Shake Shake
  • Rhythm
  • Earth Candy
  • Abacabama
  • Let Your Soul Shine
  • Find My Way
  • Do the Vowel Howl
  • Tiger in a Hammock
  • Stay Wild Moon Child

Music has a special effect on people. I personally enjoy listening to upbeat music when cleaning the house or when I feel a bit down. Conversely, I often put on slow, calming music when I want to unwind. It’s common for people to use music as a mood elevator, and this collection of songs is just that. The songs bring positive messages and as the title of the collection says, they help calm a panic. 

Nicole Porter is a clinical director, artist, and art therapist specializing in early childhood acute assessment, trauma treatment, and family advocacy.

Calming a Panic will be available beginning September 15, 2023  and available now for pre-sale at Spotify and Amazon.

The songs will be available on all streaming services and the CD can also be purchased at Nicole Porter’s website.


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