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chloeandtheoDakota Johnson turns in a memorable performance in Chloe & Theo. This is a cautionary tale of humanity, excess, and understanding.


Theo (Theo Ikummaq) is an Inuit Eskimo living in the Arctic. His existence is quiet and simple. When his elders request he go “south” to tell the people they are ruining the land, Theo is sent to New York City. There he meets Chloe (Johnson), a homeless girl with heart. She takes pity on this man she thinks is a bum. When Theo tells her why he is there, Chloe decides to help him. Along with her fellow homeless friends, Chloe aids Theo in his quest to tell her “elders” that there is trouble in the world and they need to do something about it before it is too late.


Theo sees overpopulation, pollution, skyscrapers that hide the sun, garbage, and all kinds of things that have turned the beautiful planet into a ticking time bomb. The group comes up with a plan for Theo to tell his story to the United Nations, where all the leaders of the world can hear it. When that plan doesn’t come to fruition, they meet a woman who has the means to get his message out. Monica (Mira Sorvino) understands Theo’s message of caution and excess.
The movie is heartening and Theo will strike a sensitive chord within viewers. His sweet manner and friendliness combined with his message that people are ruining the planet is inspiring. And Johnson is wonderful as the young woman who feels empathy for this stranger and changes her life for him.


Chloe & Theo shines a spotlight on the world, the human condition, the good, and the bad. The innocence of Theo combined with the abundance of New York City is humorous at times. But the inherent goodness within Theo is the one thing viewers will remember most. This is a man who does not have one evil cell in his body. He is sheer goodness.


Chloe & Theo is a beautiful movie. It opens in select theaters, VOD, and iTunes September 4, 2015.


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