‘Dirty Dancing’ 30th Anniversary Edition

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“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” How can we forget this line? For 30 years the story of Baby and Johnny has been front and center in cinema history. This coming of age love story touched the hearts of moviegoers everywhere. The 30th Anniversary Edition of Dirty Dancing is available on a Blu-ray combo pack, a single DVD, and a special collector’s edition with plenty of fun little keepsakes to commemorate specific parts of the film.

The year was 1963 and 17-year-old Francis – Baby – Houseman (Jennifer Grey) went to Kellerman’s resort for the summer with her family. This idealistic young woman then met dance instructor Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and, after a crazy beginning, they fell in love. Johnny was a guy from the streets of Philadelphia. These two were like oil and water, but they managed to shake things up – in more ways than one – and became the love story of the summer.

The film has several storylines within the main one. This was the time before Roe v Wade and abortions were illegal. One of the characters needed an abortion and almost lost her life after she got a back alley abortion. There were plenty of sexual storylines, including the desire for Baby’s sister to lose her virginity. But the most impressive part of the film is the love that blossomed between Baby and Johnny.

Besides that, the “dirty dancing” element brought sex onto the dance floor. With the fun aspect of the dancing along with the Johnny and Baby relationship, this movie quickly hit the top of the lists and people were going to the theaters multiple times to see it over and over again.

There are hours of bonus features on the Blu-ray disc including a look at the Dirty Dancing phenomenon. It was unexpected for the producers and this low budget film shocked Hollywood with its rise to fame.

Patrick Swayze explains the dancing “is very hot” and really sexy. And Grey says it’s sexy but “not really dirty.” For the cast the final wrap was “bittersweet” because they had such a great time together making the film. The story went on to become a short-lived TV show and now a popular stage play.

Swayze, who passed away in 2009, was interviewed on camera in 2006. Through the bonus features, viewers get a closer look at the man who took Johnny Castle from the page to the screen. He had praise for Grey and said the whole film was “a team effort.”

Swayze didn’t want to make a “dance” movie but he “just couldn’t resist” this one. The actor had studied ballet, jazz, modern, and tap and explained “ballet is the basis of all dance.” That is evident in the film.

Besides acting and dancing, Swayze raised horses and had a music career. He wrote and performed the film’s song “She’s Like the Wind.” He was “big on love songs” and said every love song he wrote was about his wife Lisa. Talk about romantic!

Interviews with Swayze, Grey, writer Eleanor Bergstein, choreographer Kenny Ortega, and dancer/actor Miranda Garrison add to the background of the film. There are screen tests, outtakes, and plenty more bonuses included in this 30th Anniversary Edition.

Grab a copy, relive this classic story, and learn a lot about its history. This is definitely an edition for all fans of the film.

Dirty Dancing is rated PG13.

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