‘Dunkirk’ is a remarkable true story

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1940 was a pivotal year for the Allies in World War II. The Germans had 400,000 British soldiers trapped by the sea in Dunkirk, France. What happened was a true testament to the strength and will of the people of Britain. Dunkirk tells this remarkable story.

The movie is unique in that the dialogue is kept to a minimum. The action is the foundation of the film. The story is well known but has never been portrayed in this way. Filmed mostly with large format cameras, the movie brings viewers right into the action, on and in the water, into the air, and on the ground with scenes that will break your heart yet is, in the end, an inspiring and historic end to a bleak situation.

With hundreds of thousands of soldiers basically pinned down on the beach at Dunkirk, they were sitting ducks for the German artillery and air attacks. And the British large ships were being targeted and sank. How could Britain rescue all of these men? It seemed like an impossibility. But when the call went out to all small boats in England, the civilian population answered and their flotilla of fishing boats and pleasure boats came across the channel to the rescue. And they managed to save the British soldiers to fight another day, which they did to victory.

Imagine if those 400,000 men had been killed on the beach in Dunkirk. That would have wiped out the British fighting force and the war would have had a very different conclusion.

While the movie shows all aspects of this horrific yet historic time, there are basically three stories at the forefront: a young soldier who is intent on leaving the beach and getting home, two British Spitfire pilots, and a civilian father and son who helped rescue many soldiers on their small boat. These three stories involve plenty of action on the ground, in the air, and on the sea.

The movie shows one of the turning points in WWII. The tagline is “400,000 men couldn’t get home, so home came for them.” That is what happened and watching the story play out on the screen is amazing. The people would not give up and risked their own lives for their soldiers. This was something Hitler never considered. But Hitler never knew how strong the will of the people was.

On the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo pack is a disc dedicated to bonus features. Viewers get more insight into the actual events and see the beach on which the events unfolded and on which the movie was filmed. Actual survivors of the event discuss their experiences. The filmmakers researched this chapter in history and got first hand stories from those who were there. It is truly an amazing and remarkable story of triumph in the face of adversity. It is the story of good versus evil. It is the story of humanity. It is the story of survival. It is the story of courage. It is a fascinating chapter in British history.

Dunkirk is rated PG-13 for intense war experience and some language. The film should be an interesting family-viewing experience (for teens and parents) as they learn about the war and what can be accomplished with desire and compassion.

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