Enjoy a date night at Disneyland in February and March 2023

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Whether you’re a new couple or a long-married one, why not have a fun date night at the Disneyland? It’s something couples don’t always think of when planning a night together. With Disneyland After Dark you’re sure to have an evening to remember.

The obvious time for date night is Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have to celebrate the holiday on the actual day. Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts’ Nite encompasses seven different nights designed for a unique experience. On the special nights guests will be treated to a special fireworks show. There will be special food and beverages for this event too.


Whether you want to stroll along the banks of the river or actually enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Mark Twain Riverboat, there are plenty of ways to experience a romantic night…in Disneyland. Mickey and Minnie, as well as other “Disney couples” will be on hand to join in the evening’s events. There will be photo opportunities highlighting romantic scenes from Disney classics, like Lady and the Tramp and The Little Mermaid.

The dates for the Sweethearts’ Nite are: January 31, February 2, 5, 7, 9, 14 (obviously), and 16. This special event begins at 6 p.m.


For the first time Disneyland presents Disneyland After Dark: Princess Nite on March 7 and 9. With the Disney princesses on hand as well as specially prepared foods for royalty, this promises to be a night fit for a queen. With a musical concert that celebrates the heroines and special backdrops for those memorable photos, Princess Nite is a time to celebrate the princess – or queen – in your life.

Disneyland After Dark: Princess Nite is another great opportunity for a unique and memorable “date night.” Admission for Princess Nite is 6 p.m.


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