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Freedom Force is a clever animated movie that is appealing to young and old. There are nuances that lend themselves to older viewers and plenty of fun that is engaging to younger viewers.


The premise is that an evil man has changed the course of history by altering the stories of Jules Verne to create havoc and disgrace the famed writer. Verne is the father of science fiction. He penned the books Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in Eighty Days, From the Earth to the Moon, Five Weeks in a Balloon, The Mysterious Island, and many more. By altering the stories they become nonsense. “Cockamamie” is one word used in the film to describe them once they are changed.


A group of twelve-year-olds have been recruited for Operation Freedom Force, a classified mission in which they will be inserted into the stories to fix them. How, you might wonder, will they enter the stories? That’s easy. By using the Imaginaseum, a special machine invented by a professor to enter the imaginations of others. Once something has been altered, there are only 48 hours to reverse the changes or they will be permanent.


The four kids (Peter, a bookworm who has read all the Jules Verne stories, Aristotle, a tech geek, Profiterole, a gassy child, his dog Houston, and Nicole, who is into martial arts) join forces and teleport into the wondrous world of science fiction to find the “reset” buttons in each of the altered Jules Verne stories to restore them to their original content.


Why, you might wonder, would a gassy little guy be part of this group? Well, the reason is because Verne was also pretty gassy. And Nicole is a descendent of Jules Verne’s first love. All the kids are 12-years old because that is the age in which Verne started writing. They were selected because they each have something in common with Jules Verne himself. The kids wear special suits that are able to disguise them while in the stories. It’s all pretty ingenious and imaginative, much like the stories penned by Jules Verne himself.


While this movie is animated and targeted to tweens and young teens, it is one that all generations can enjoy, especially fans of science fiction and Jules Verne. Freedom Force is rated PG and runs 82 minutes. It’s filled with fun characters, witty lines, and great creativity.


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