‘Frozen 2’ surpasses expectations

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There is something Disney Animation does better than everyone else. That is to produce sequels that are equal or better than the original films. This is true for Frozen 2. This film is even better than the Frozen, which is a major feat. With new songs and a beautiful new dress for Elsa (as if her iconic blue dress could be surpassed), Frozen 2 is an instant classic for the studio that has a history of creating instant animated classics. The story explains what happened to Elsa and Anna’s parents and why Elsa was born with her magical powers.

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf are living fun and fulfilling lives in the castle. But Elsa is being haunted by a mysterious sound. She follows the sound and accidentally awakens a mysterious enchanted forest that has been locked in a mist for decades. Elsa and Anna heard about this mysterious place from their parents when they were little girls. Now they get the full understanding of what happened in the past and how their parents are entwined with this enchanted forest. Suddenly the fate of Arendelle is precarious and it is up to Elsa and Anna to save their country.

The group takes off to uncover what is happening to Arendelle and the forest, and along the way they learn about the histories of their parents. All along the way Kristoff tries to find the best moment to propose to Anna.

The story introduces many new characters as well as two new animals: a sweet and fun-loving little salamander that steals the hearts of audiences, and the Nokk, a beautiful water spirit iridescent horse that helps Elsa in her quest for the truth. The lost Arendelle guard, led by Mattias, and a whole new culture of people named the Northuldra. They care for the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. But there is one more element and that is what Elsa must discover.

There is also a wind spirit named Gale and a group of Earth giants. And let’s not forget about the herd of reindeer that also inhabit the enchanted forest. Along with the original five, all of these characters join together for a fun-filled journey through an enchanted land.

Kristen Bell returns to voice Anna, Idina Menzel returns as the voice of Elsa, Josh Gad recreates his beloced Olaf, and Jonathan Groff returns as the voice of Kristoff. Sterling K. Brown voices Mattias.

The visuals in this film are outstanding. The scenery is beautiful and the creativity by the filmmakers even exceeds that of the first film that was produced in 2013. The folks at Disney took their time to get it right, and they succeeded. This movie is an exceptional sequel that will delight and enchant all ages.

Frozen 2 opens in theaters November 22, 2019.

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