Get a personalized message from the Boss Baby

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DreamWorks Animation’s (DWA) larger-than-life CEO-in-training, The Boss Baby, is available for personalized video bookings on Cameo.The wildly popular franchise from DreamWorks Animation was born in 2017 with the Oscar®-nominated blockbuster film The Boss Baby, which went on to spawn the top, most-viewed DreamWorks Animation TV original series The Boss Baby Back in Business, and this summer’s smash Universal Pictures’ film, The Boss Baby: Family Business, which currently continues its worldwide rollout.

The Boss Baby’s video greetings are made possible through a combination of DreamWorks Animation’s unparalleled custom-animation team and technology from Hour One, an end-to-end cloud-native video creation platform powered by AI.

The Boss Baby is now available to book on Cameo. To order a personalized video from The Boss Baby, visit

If your child loves The Boss Baby, this is a cute way to add some fun, cheer up someone, ore reward a job well done.