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With the new DreamWorks Animation series Trolls: The Beat Goes On! streaming on Netflix, kids are once again enthralled by the furry haired little guys. And rightly so. They’re adorable and the series is filled with imaginative, musical, and entertaining storylines. So it’s no wonder kids will want Troll-themed parties this year. Here are some great ideas to make your Trolls party unique and fun for all.

Everyone can get in the spirit with his or her own Trolls wig. Pink is of course for Poppy and blue for Branch. (This is also a fun idea for adults going to costume parties.)

Creating a Poppy-inspired headband is a crafting idea that is sure to be popular among young girls. All you need is a plain headband, ribbon, and some felt flowers. Kids can glue on the flowers and ribbon to create their personal Poppy headband. (This is also another fun idea for adult costume parties.)

Poppy loves her scrapbook. Why not let kids create their own scrapbooks? It’s fun and inspires individual creativity. Start with a small blank book, preferably hard covered. Get plenty of Troll stickers, glitter, flat-back crystals, felt pieces, and other fun items. Making sparkly Poppy-like scrapbooks will be a fun and entertaining activity for everyone.

And what party would not be complete without a gift bag? Fill the bag with goodies and a little take-home troll doll and this party will be a memorable one.

A trip to the craft store for the items, some decorating with colorful streamers, and party favors of Troll items combine to make a Troll party the talk of the neighborhood.

Thanks DreamWorks for the free DreamWorks Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Activity Set and Hasbro toys. They are the perfect inspiration for a Trolls-themed party or simply fun activities for a rainy day. Go Trolls!

DreamWorks has more info and ideas. Check out their creative ideas website.

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