Holiday selections on OVATION TV 2021

Category: Television and Streaming


Below is the schedule of outstanding holiday selections on Ovation TV for 2021

Friday, December 3
5:00pm ET: Christmas Do Over (2006)

Saturday, December 4
6:00am ET: The Art Of: Holidays
6:30am ET: Deck the Halls (2005)
8:30am ET: Christmas Do Over (2006)

Sunday, December 5
1:00am ET: A Merry Murdoch Christmas (2015)
6:00am ET: An Accidental Christmas (2007)
8:00am ET: Chasing Christmas (2005)

Friday, December 10
5:00pm ET: Home by Christmas (2006)

Sunday, December 12
6:00am ET: A Merry Murdoch Christmas (2015)
8:00am ET: Getting to the Nutcracker
10:00am ET: Snow Queen (2020)
12:00pm ET: The Nutcracker by Kader Belarbi (2021)

Friday, December 17
5:00pm ET: My First Miracle (2017)

Saturday, December 18 
6:00am ET: The 12 Dogs of Christmas (2006)
8:30am ET: A Frosty Affair (2017)

Sunday, December 19 
6:00am ET: Eve’s Christmas (2004)
8:00am ET: My First Miracle (2017)

Saturday, December 25 
7:00am ET: The Art Of: Holidays
7:30am ET: An Accidental Christmas (2007)
9:30am ET: My First Miracle (2017)

Sunday, December 26 
6:00am ET: His and Her Christmas (2005)
8:00am ET: Home by Christmas (2006)
10:00am ET: Home for the Holidays (2005)