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iye cover emailIn Your Eyes may start out a little slow, but it quickly becomes a mesmerizing tale of life, love, and trust. There is a quality to this story that keeps viewers hanging on.


Rebecca Porter (Zoe Kazan) is a lost soul. She’s married to Phillip (Mark Feuerstein) a controlling man that brings stability to Rebecca’s life yet smothers her at the same time. Rebecca and Phillip live in New Hampshire.


Dylan Kershaw (Michael Stahl-David) is an ex-con struggling to put his life back together but is hampered by his attitude and his friends who want to pull him back into a life of crime. Dylan lives in New Mexico.


So, what do these two seemingly separate people have in common – a lonely wife in New Hampshire and an ex-con in New Mexico? That’s the key to this interesting story. They can see through each other’s eyes. And not only that, they can feel what the other is feeling. And soon they discover they can talk to each other even though they are thousands of miles apart.


This mysterious connection is intriguing to each of them, but soon adds to their problems in life. They come to depend on each other for comfort, companionship, and friendship. But they are constantly talking out loud to each other which causes everyone around them to wonder how emotionally stable they are. If they would only put blue tooth devices on their heads so others would think they were talking on the phone, that would solve this dilemma, but they never think of that, or, as they say in Hollywood, the script doesn’t call for that. So, they continue to draw attention by talking out loud to each other and feeling and seeing what the other feels and sees.


Besides forming a strong bond, their feelings turn into romance and even love. And they are positive influences on each other. How is this happening to these two very different people? Is it real?


In Your Eyes is a compelling story for both men and women. It’s highly engaging with characters viewers will definitely care about. The fantasy element along with the romantic element combine to create an interesting movie filled with compassion, sensitivity, and wonder.



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