It’s the “Year of the (Disney) Dog”

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2018 is the Year of the Dog. Disney California Adventure’s celebration highlights Pluto and Goofy. But what about the other great Disney Dogs?

Nana is the loving Nanny to the three Darling children in Peter Pan. Lady and Tramp, along with their adventurous son Scamp should also be part of the celebration. And let’s not forget about Pongo and Perdita, as well as some of their pups Lucky, Rolly, and Patch. Plus there is Dodger from Oliver and Company.

Prince Eric’s faithful and fluffy dog Max (The Little Mermaid), Mulan’s buddy Little Brother, Toy Story’s Buster and Slinky Dog, Bolt, Dug (Up), Toby (The Great Mouse Detective), and the newest Disney dog Dante (Coco) should all be part of the celebration honoring canines.

And why not celebrate with all the buddies? RoseBud, Buddha, Mudbud, Budderball, and B-Dawg are all worthy of honor in the Lunar New Year festivities.

Although not technically a “dog” Stitch might also fit the bill, as well as Sparky (Frankenweenie), Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas), and Footstool (Beauty and the Beast) could be part of the celebration.

With The Year of the Dog underway, it might be a good time to look ahead at future years.

Year of the Rat: Remy (Ratatouille), Jaq and Gus, Timothy, Roquefort (The Aristocats), Bianca and Bernard (The Rescuers), Basil (The Great Mouse Detective).

Year of the Ox – Babe the blue ox (Paul Bunyon)

Year of the Tiger – Tigger, Sher Kahn, Rajah

Year of the Rabbit- Thumper, Rabbit, Roger Rabbit, Roger Rabbit, The White Rabbit

Year of the Dragon – Mushu, Elliot, The Reluctant Dragon, Nessie

Year of the Snake – Kaa (The Jungle Book)

Year of the Horse – Philippe (Beauty and the Beast), Bullseye (Toy Stories), Angus (Brave) Samson (Sleeping Beauty), Kahn (Mulan), Maximus (Tangled), Minimus (Sofia the First)

Year of the Sheep – Lambie (Doc McStuffins)

Year of the Monkey – Abu (Aladdin) Rafiki (The Lion King)

Year of the Rooster – Heihei (Moana), Chicken Little

Year of the Pig – Pua (Moana), Hamm (Toy Stories), Piglet

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