‘Midsomer Murders’ returns for its 21st season on Acorn TV

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It is hard to believe but this British drama is now on its 21st season. Acorn TV is showing the series and with the new season viewers are whisked back to the fictional county of Midsomer, along with the gang. Midsomer Murders continues on Acorn TV.

The series began with Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Tom Barnaby (John Nettles) and when Tom retired his job at the end of season 13, it was taken over by his cousin DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon). Having gone through several Sergeants throughout the 21 seasons, returning for this latest season is DS Jamie Winter (Nick Hendrix), with a much shorter hairstyle. This season marks Hendrix’ third season and Dudgeon’s eighth, although he did appear as a guest star in season 13. And the series has also gone through its share of coroners. Returning as Dr. Fleur Perkins is Annette Badland for her second season.

Barnaby’s wife Sarah (Fiona Dolman) is back along with their young daughter Betty.

It is interesting to think about how many more seasons of Midsomer Murders will be made, however fans still enjoy watching the episodes that always include an interesting murder or two or three, and the ingenuity of DCI Barnaby. He is kind of like a British Colombo. The stories are slow-paced but nevertheless intriguing.

So, if you have been anxiously waiting for the next episodes of this British crime drama, your wait is over. Just subscribe to Acorn TV for the next season of Midsomer Murders intrigue. All four episodes of Season 21 will drop December 1, 2019. And if you haven’t seen the series before, you can catch up on all the past 20 seasons. Just make sure you have a lot of popcorn.

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