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The Disney movie Moana introduces their newest princess. Before the film is even released, there has been plenty of bizz about this story and the characters, as well as a boatload (no pun intended) of merchandise to go along with the movie.

Books are always enjoyable for kids and adults, and easily portable. Here are a few books now available about Moana.

The Art of Moana

This hardcover coffee-table book is filled with amazing images, sketches, digital images, art of all kinds, as well as background information about the film, characters, and items in the movie. Besides Moana (as a toddler and later as a mature young woman), the characters of Maui the demigod, little Pua, Moana’s pet pig, crazy Heihei the rooster, and other characters combine to form this delightful story of courage and destiny.

According to art director of character Bill Schweb, “Heihei is pure stupidity and Pua is pure sweetness.” To translate this into art, Schweb explains, “From a design language standpoint, everything about Heihei is sharp, pointy, [and] angular. Pua is soft, round, and cuddly.” Tips like this explain more in-depth how the artists came up with the final designs for the characters in the film.

The book is colorful as well as informative. It’s definitely something fans of animation and especially fans of this film will want to have. This is filled with amazing pictures to embrace the beauty of the location and the cuteness of all the characters.

The Story of Moana: A Tale of Courage and Adventure

This book is geared for ages 8-12 however it makes a great bedtime storybook for parents to read to younger kids. It is the story of the little princess and the culture of Oceania. It also provides a basis for the film and the characters with folktales that thread through the movie.

While there are no pictures in this book, there are some sketches of tribal art. The stories of how toddler Moana discovered the wonders of the ocean that ultimately led her to voyage beyond the reef to save her people, and the backgrounds of the various characters combine to create a rounded story of the culture and the story of Moana.

There is a page of temporary tattoos that children will enjoy, however the best part of this is the actual stories from cover to cover. This is definitely written in a fun way for young kids to read and, as mentioned earlier, it makes a great book to read to little ones.

Moana and the Ocean

For ages 6-8, this book is a picture book that tells the story of Moana’s connection to the ocean. Filled with brightly colored artwork, kids will love looking at the images as well as seeing the relationship formed between the girl and the ocean.

Moana and her pet pig Pua will be taken to the hearts of moviegoers and readers of this book. And the courage of the young princess is something that will inspire and encourage all readers and viewers.
This is a fun picture book for youngsters to read by themselves or have read to them by their parents. This also makes a great bedtime book.

With The Art of Moana, The Story of Moana: A Tale of Courage and Adventure, and Moana and the Ocean, there are plenty of ways to learn about Moana, her background, and the background of the film. I have no doubt they will be enjoyed along with the toys that are bound to make up plenty of holiday gifts this year. While kids are spending more and more time on their tablets and other devices, books are what really connect with people. And they are something to pass down from generation to generation. I don’t know about you, but I still have many of the books I cherished when I was very young.

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