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With the release of the hit Disney/Pixar film The Good Dinosaur on Blu-ray combo pack, fans of Arlo and Spot have plenty of bonus features to add to the enjoyment of the story of the little dinosaur who became best friends with a cave boy.

This all takes place in a time when the dinosaurs were not wiped out by a meteor. Instead they thrived and in a twist on history, the humans were more like pets and were dominated by the dinos. Humans don’t talk but dinosaurs do. Arlo and Spot find themselves in an adventure for their lives.

The relationship between Arlo and Spot is what entertains audiences. Spot’s expressions are priceless. He’s simply adorable and steals the hearts of all viewers. Spot is the sidekick but turns out to be the heart of the story.

The bonus features include the short film, “Sanjay’s Super Team” that accompanied the movie when it ran in theaters. This short was nominated for an Academy Award.

Because this story takes place on earth yet in a fictional time, the filmmakers added a fun little feature detailing dinosaur fact from dinosaur fiction.

Anyone who knows anything about Pixar knows that besides putting out great films, they have fun. The folks there had a competition to build dinosaurs from discarded items. The only thing they were given were rolls of duct tape. The imaginations of these people will surprise you as you see the creative ways they used the items.

The filmmakers journeyed to Wyoming to get a lay of the land to make the scenery look and feel realistic. And, to create the T-Rex ranching family onscreen, they visited a ranch in Oregon and based some of their characters on the family there. In the film because T-Rex’s are meat-eaters, they ran a ranch to raise their food, and because Apatosaurus’ (Arlo) were herbivores, they were farmers. That’s just one of the many clever elements in the film.

The folks at Pixar put together a cute little montage of the characters for this release, as well as created a scene in which Arlo and Spot play a game of hide and seek.

For additional information and some great artwork, pick up the book The Art of The Good Dinosaur. The book includes a forward by John Lasseter who writes, “There is a wonderful simplicity to The Good Dinosaur, a purity of storytelling that took a long time and a lot of hard work to achieve.” This book has amazing drawings and pictures that help tell the story of the film.

The movie has many scenes with scenery that add to the beauty of nature. The landscapes are stunning and the characters are endearing, thanks to the talented people at Pixar. This book is not only a great addition to the film for fans of the movie, but also just a beautiful book of animation and art. With sketches of the characters as well as the scenery, there are plenty of pages to view over and over again.

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