My Singing Monsters Fandemonium

Category: Sneak Peeks & Trailers

The 115+ million fans from around the world will soon get to know more about their beloved Monsters than they ever thought possible. For the first time in the iconic franchise’s nine-year history, fan favorites PomPom, Mammott and Furcorn will speak, sing and come to life each with their own unique personalities in My Singing Monster Fandemonium. A show like never seen before, Fandemonium is a LIVE animated interactive EVENT series for families.  This music-infused variety show will allow fans to connect with the Monsters and participate in the storytelling in a ground-breaking way.

“My Singing Monster Fandemonium is letting us break a number of boundaries in the entertainment world,” said Catherine Winder, CEO, Wind Sun Sky Entertainment.  “Not only are we broadcasting live animation, with interactive elements from a live audience, but we’re bringing together an already passionate fan group in ways never done before. And we’re giving them things that they’ve been asking for for years, including bringing the Monsters to life with voices and fully realized personalities. And this is just the beginning.”

My Singing Monsters, published by Big Blue Bubble, is a beloved award-winning top-grossing mobile game with more than 115+ million players worldwide. The free-to-play family-friendly title explores rich intriguing worlds as players are engaged in discovery, creativity, and delight by breeding and feeding Singing Monsters to build unique melodies.

In addition to the live show and the game, Wind Sun Sky will bring My Singing Monsters fans a true multi-platform experience, including new music, social media challenges between broadcasts, and additional partner announcements.

My Singing Monsters Fandemonium will stream weekly on Fridays starting March 12 at 7:30pm EST/4:30 pm PST on the My Singing Monster YouTube and Facebook channels, owned by Big Blue Bubble.   Each 10-15 minute broadcast will encourage fans to interact with the Monsters.  Fans can participate in the storyworld both in real-time during the broadcast and between broadcasts with fun challenges and calls to action.