Regina Shen: Resilience Book Review

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reginaI received this Advanced Reader Copy of Regina Shen: Resillience and I couldn’t wait to read it. The plot promised to be another YA dystopic novel about a 15-year-old girl forced to go the run because she has a gene the government wants. There isn’t a love triangle, which is a nice change.


The book is set in swamps at the edges of North America where “Marginals” live outside The Wall, and floods threaten this caste of survival-based women. Men have become completely extinct due to new biological advances that negate the need for men in reproduction.


The language and flow of the story was choppy, but the author, Lance Erlick, did an impressive job with world building. The whole 227-page book could have been turned into 100 well written pages, instead of drawing the story out. And relationships were created and destroyed with unnecessary haste. Yet, each individual character was well developed. Regina especially was a strong female character with insatiable curiosity and fidelity.


The book had about 10 swear words in it and although there was a fair amount of violence there weren’t too many detailed descriptions of the violence. It is a PG-13 book for about 8-10th grade girls.


Regina Shen: Resilience

Author: Lane Erlick

Finlee Augare Books


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