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Space travel is relatively new, yet at this time we are planning ahead for manned visits to other planets. How have we come so far in such a short period of time? Space Voyages looks at the history of space travel, its ups and downs (literally), and what is ahead.


When the USSR launched Sputnik in the middle of the Cold War, it set off a Space Race between the USA and USSR. The USA tried their Vanguard rocket with little success, then shifted to the Jupiter rocket which was the workhorse for much of our space missions.


Yuri Gorgerin was the first human in space. Again the USSR took the lead in space travel. But the United States countered with John Kennedy declaring the USA would send a man to the moon and bring him back safely before the end of the 1960s. That set NASA into full force as they worked tirelessly on this challenge.


The Mercury program, Alan Shepard, Gemini, and Apollo programs combined to bring Kennedy’s challenge to fruition. In 1969 Neil Armstrong was the first human to stand on the moon. The last man left the moon in 1972 and the USA is currently planning a return to the moon in preparation for a full exploration of Mars, asteroids, and deep space.


ORION is the new multi-purpose crew vehicle, which is an amazing piece of technology, along with the SLS – Space Launch System. While utilizing knowledge gained from all the past years of NASA, each generation of vehicle and technology builds on the previous generation. What’s ahead in space exploration is amazing and the stuff of Science Fiction of the 1950s.


Space Voyages is an interesting, educational, entertaining, and mind-blowing look at Space exploration from the very beginning. Space sparks the imaginations of most people. What’s out there? What was out there? What will we find? Can we mine asteroids and planets for the good of our planet? Will we eventually need to move off of Earth and locate to another world? Will you be able to plan your next vacation in space?

Space Voyages is not rated, but is good for all ages. Its 230 minutes are filled with so many interesting things that have happened and what scientists are planning for the future.


And, if you are enamored with space, go to and register for alerts when the Space Station will be in your area. It’s amazing to see this manmade object traveling across the sky. Every time I see it I get a great feeling of humanity, accomplishment, and pride.


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