‘Spirit Untamed – The Movie' is an action adventure for the whole family

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Spirit is a franchise that is beloved by both kids and adults. This feisty and loving mustang will steal your heart. In this movie Spirit is paired with a fun-loving ten-year-old girl named Lucky Prescott (voiced by Isabela Merced) who was sent away by her father Jim (voiced by Jake Gyllenhaal) when she was a baby. Her mother was a horse-riding stunt performer. She was the best. Unfortunately a freak accident took her life so the baby was sent to the city to live with her aunt Cora (voiced by Julianne Moore) and grandfather. Lucky has been estranged from her dad but now, during a fateful summer, she and her aunt travel back to the small western town of Miradoro to spend time with him. Lucky will finally get to know her dad and maybe more about her mother.

On the train west Lucky sees a wild bunch of mustangs running in the grass. She has an instant connection to one in particular. This horse has a lot of spirit. Yep, you guessed it. She will team up with Spirit later in the story.

Her mother taught her to be fearless, even though she was only a baby when her mom died. It was ingrained in Lucky to be fearless and she never shies away from danger.

Lucky makes friends with two girls her age who are adept at horse riding. When they see a rancher brutalizing the newly caught horse, Spirit, they step in. Lucky is eager to learn to handle the horse and slowly they begin to trust each other. But when horse thieves take Spirit and his herd, Lucky, Abigail (voiced by Mckenna Grace), and Prudence (Marsai Martin) decide to rescue the horses and set them free. This new adventure is fraught with danger, but as her mom imparted on her, Lucky is fearless, and her friends follow suit.

There are plenty of bonus features on the Blu-ray and DVD including deleted and extended scenes. There is a fun behind the scenes look at the actors who voice the characters. Another feature looks at the story of Spirit Untamed. There are plenty of craft instructions like creating S’mores, that delicious campfire treat, creating a ukulele to enjoy along with songs, making hand shadows on the wall, sing-alongs, and a great feature on how to draw Spirit. In the film Lucky finds a zoetrope showing her mother’s acrobatic horse riding skills. Viewers can learn how to create their own zoetrope. There are plenty of how-tos included on the disc for hours for additional fun.


This is a great action adventure for the entire family. It’s an enjoyable story and the kids are so cute to watch, especially Abigail’s little brother Snips (voiced by Lucian Perez) who will do anything with his little donkey for a penny! It doesn’t take much to make this little tyke happy.

Spirit Untamed – The Move is rated PG for some action adventure. Also be aware the opening scene deals with the loss of Lucky’s mother, but she is too young to understand.

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