‘The Aging Brain’ – Book Review

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The Aging Brain: Proven Steps to Prevent Dementia and Sharpen Your Mind is an interesting book by Dr. Timothy R. Jennings. With 3 million new cases of dementia being diagnosed every year, Dr. Jennings presents some insightful and helpful things we can all do to help sharpen our minds and stave off dementia.

Perhaps the most important element of his book is the ending of each chapter where he sums up what was discussed and points out things we can do to help our brain health and ourselves. “The choices we make now can help us to keep our minds sharp and maintain our independence as we age,” says Jennings.

This book is a guide to keeping our bodies and mind healthy. It’s never too late to take many of these steps.

“This book isn’t just for people hoping to slow the aging process,” says Jennings. “It’s also for anyone who is a caregiver to someone at risk of or already beginning to suffer from dementia. It offers a hopeful, healthy way forward.”

We all know someone who has had some kind of dementia in their family. And with the age of the population rising every year, it’s almost a given that each of us will be confronted by Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia ourselves or effecting a close friend or loved one.

The book looks at our cultures, society, and the world in general. It also looks at how we treat our bodies. It’s important to know about what things affect us. Jennings also discusses what might have led us to who we are now because of what our parents did during pregnancy. Diseases we have can sometimes be traced back to the formative weeks in utero.

To say that this is a fascinating read is an understatement. Jennings has truly researched many aspects of our lives that affect our health, and our brains. He is a practicing physician in Tennessee and has authored many books.

By altering our behavior, even a little, and getting more sleep, our cognitive health will improve. Who doesn’t want a strong body and sharp mind when they age? No one wants to lose their mental focus, and with some little changes, you might end up with a sharper mind into your golden years.