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artoffrozenFrozen is the highest grossing animated movie of all time, it won the Academy Award, it has brought sisters closer together, and according to Time Magazine, Elsa is the most popular Disney princess – and she doesn’t even end up with a Prince at the end of the film. So what makes this movie so engaging and popular? Part of it is the story, of course. It is the story of two sisters torn apart by magic that threatens to destroy them, but in the end brings them closer together, the story of a loveable talking snowman, and the story of a sweet young man and his adorable reindeer. The music is also a big part of the popularity of the film. However, the foundation of the movie is its incredible artistry. The Art of Frozen is a beautiful book detailing how the animators created the land of Arendelle and the memorable characters.


In the Preface by John Lasseter, he writes, “Simply put, at the center of every Magic Kingdom is a castle. Fairytales are such a part of what Disney Animation is. …And as this book shows, the work of the animators throughout Frozen’s design process has been nothing short of breathtaking.”


Arendelle, where Elsa and Anna live, is a beautiful place, even when it is covered with ice. And Elsa’s Ice Palace is just as spectacular. However, the little details that went into the design of the scenery and the costumes are what combine to create this magical and enchanting film.


This book shows sketches that were drawn and readers learn what it takes to create a visually spectacular animated film in these days of high tech. Besides the drawings and sketches, there are comments from the filmmakers who write about how the movie evolved, their involvement, the direction in which it ultimately went, the way the art was created and merged, and the story of Anna and Elsa.


Open the book to any page and you are instantly taken back to the movie. From the costume designs to the character designs, the scenery, the sequences, and the charm, this book takes you through it all. If you think putting Olaf into a summer scene was easy, think again. Yet, the animators made it look easy and effortless. In order to get the believability in the film, there was a lot of work that went into the details. And, as we all know, it paid off. Frozen became an instant classic.

The Art of Frozen is a book that will be cherished by the entire family. Adults will enjoy learning about the creation of the film while reading the book and perusing the artwork, and kids will simply enjoy looking at their favorite characters and scenes from the movie. This is one book that will be opened over and over again. Like the movie, it is engaging.


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