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It’s all about the toys. As we anxiously await the premier of the new Toy Story movie, Toy Story 4, this wonderful book will get you in the spirit to experience all the fun toys that will appear on the big screen. The Art of Toy Story 4 takes readers into the story and the characters with images and narrative.  And once you have seen the movie, this is a great way to relive the fun of the film and all the toys – old and new.

The book opens with a forward by Annie Potts, who voices Bo Peep in the film. She can currently be seen in the hit sitcom Young Sheldon. Potts was over the moon to get to voice Bo Peep. In the forward she states, “I can tell you there is almost nothing more fun than being in a recording session with these masters of storytelling…” To say she is a fan of the Disney/Pixar films is an understatement.

Next is an introduction by director Josh Cooley. He was proud to work on this fourth installment of the wonderful franchise. “Thank you for Toy Story,” he writes. “I never thought toys could teach me what it means to be human.”

It is almost impossible these days to go out to a mall or a theater and not see someone with a Woody or Buzz T-shirt. These characters are beloved around the world. So, what will their next chapter entail? There are still fun antics with Buzz and Woody, and the other toys we have become friends with over the years are also here. But there are some new ones, and they are really fun.

While Andy was the original owner of the toys, Bonnie has picked up the mantle. Her mind is amazing and her powers of imagination are unmatched. She is a delightful little girl with a fun outlook and love of everything and everyone. So, Bonnie created Forky, who brings some fun to the story.

The book is filled with illustrations from the movie and there is a special bonus. A pullout Gabby Gabby booklet comes in the book. Once you see the movie, you will understand a lot more about these characters. Imagination is on overload in Toy Story 4, and this book is a great accompaniment to the fun of the film.  If you have the other “art of” books, this is a must-have for your collection. Adults will be amazed at all the art and hard work that went into the characters, and kids will delight in seeing them on the page where they can relive the scenes from the film.

And, when you look through the book with your kids, perhaps you will also have a plush or figurine to enjoy together. Check out this shopDisney page for all the new Toy Story 4 merchandise.

Everyone can go “To infinity and beyond” with The Art of Toy Story 4.

ISBN-13: 9781452163826
Publisher: Chronicle Books
List price: $40

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