'The French Dispatch' movie review

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The French Dispatch is an eclectic collection of stories with a phenomenal cast. From director Wes Anderson, the movie delivers some cute scenes however there are plenty of disconnected attributes.

Fans of Anderson know his quirkiness, and this movie lives up to that reputation. It is an ode to journalism, but most viewers probably won’t find the stories included in the film very interesting. The cast, however, does deliver great acting.

The story delves into an American newspaper in a fictional French town. Bill Murray is Arthur Howitzer, Jr., the editor of the newspaper. Henry Winkler, Owen Wilson, Timothee Chalamet, Bob Balaban, Frances McDormand, Adrien Brody, Benicio Del Toro, and others join him onscreen. That’s an impressive cast, however even these great talents don’t bring much interest for viewers. The story is measured with only slight levels of levity.

Anderson’s other films like Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel are more interesting, however fans of the director will undoubtedly enjoy this new film. If you are not into his kind of filmmaking, this is not for you. It is imaginative and has glimmers of enjoyment for viewers. The movie has garnered positive reviews yet for me it didn’t quite hit the mark. I would not recommend this show for the general public. It is an artsy film done in the Anderson flair.

The idea of the film is definitely engaging. It is a celebration of journalism and journalists.

The French Dispatch is rated R. It is not a show for kids.

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