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Eddie Murphy stars in The Golden Child, a 1986 fun film with plenty for everyone. There is action, sci-fi, romance, and comedy.

Murphy is Chandler Jarrell, a Los Angeles investigator specializing in finding missing children. He is basically “drafted” into finding the stolen “Golden Child,” because he is supposed to be the “Chosen One” to save the child and the world. The little boy is a special Tibetan child with magical powers. The dark forces of evil have taken him and want to destroy his powers to take over the world.

Charlotte Lewis is Kee Nang, the woman tasked with getting Jarrell to help find the child. She is a martial arts expert and in their search for the child manages to make good use of her expertise. And Jarrell uses his intelligence to get them out of some sticky situations. Together they make a great team.

The Golden Child is adorable. J.L. Reate, who is a girl, plays this little boy. This is her only film credit but she is so cute to watch and makes every scene she is in very special.

The Tibetan part of the film was not actually shot in Tibet but, as viewers learn in one of the bonus features, was filmed in Mammoth, and the interior scenes were filmed on the lot at Paramount. Murphy discusses how he loved the story from the beginning and enjoyed making it. He also says he is playing himself in all of his films because he is a stand-up comic and injects his usual humor in every part. And he definitely does so in this film.

Director Michael Ritchie discusses making the movie and the many aspects that go into the story. The CGI characters were added after filming so the actors and the filmmakers were a bit surprised by the final film when all the parts came together. And Charlotte Lewis acknowledges she went to San Francisco for many weeks to prepare for her martial arts scenes. Charles Dance, who plays the devilish Sardo Numspa, discusses how much fun it was to play the evil character and how he got into his character for the film.

With the adorable child, the drama of good versus evil, the budding romance between Jarrell and Nang, the mystical aspect, the action and adventure, and the wit of Eddie Murphy, The Golden Child is a fun film.  It was nominated for a Saturn Award for “Best Fantasy Film” and little J. L. Reate was nominated for a Young Artist Award.

The Golden Child is part of The Paramount Presents Blu-ray collection with exclusive packaging and never before seen bonus features. It is rated PG-13. This release is newly remastered from a 4K film transfer making it sharp and colorful.

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