The Grand Canyon – More than Just a Hole in the Ground

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Francines & My AZ Rocks 124There is so much to see and do in the Grand Canyon area, families often miss many of the fun activities. Of course, there is the awesome view from the rim of the canyon itself. And we’ve all heard about the mule trains that go half-way down for day rides and all the way down for over-night rides, but the next time you think about sharing this truly American wonder with your kids, consider making this trip more than just a spectator sport!


Maverick Helicopter Tours operates several helicopters, including the new “ECO-Star,” which is truly the Rolls-Royce of helicopters. This quiet and spacious copter has room for eight and provides every passenger with a fabulous view. And while you’re on your flight a video camera records your personal experience, including what you say, so it’s a good idea not to mention you’re having a bad hair day unless you want it recorded for posterity. There are different canyon tours. All ages are welcome on the tours. Everyone will leave with a new Helicopter Tour of the GRAND CANYON 071perspective of the canyon and its magnificent majesty.


The city of Williams is “The Gateway to the Grand Canyon.” Located on historic Route 66, this place is a little gem. Just a few hours from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Williams is a quaint and picturesque town.


From Williams, The Grand Canyon Railway will take you up to the South Rim where you can spend some time exploring before the returnHelicopter Tour of the GRAND CANYON 112 trip, or you can stay at the canyon and return in a day or two. The railway is a fun experience for both kids and adults. Each car has a different atmosphere. But no matter what car you ride in, the fun won’t stop from the moment you board until the time you step off of the train two hours later. Entertainment is the key on this railway. And during the trip don’t be surprised when the train is robbed. They’re not Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but these robbers are every bit as fun to watch as Paul Newman and Robert Redford. With music, costumed entertainers, food and drink, as well as spectacular scenery and wildlife along the route, The Grand Canyon Railway is a must-do for every family visiting the area. To put it simply, it’s pure fun.


Helicopter Tour of the GRAND CANYON 131A family vacation at The Grand Canyon involves more than looking at a hole in the ground. There are plenty of wonderful activities for everyone, and don’t forget to bring your camera. You’ll want to remember everything about this magnificent part of the country.


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