‘The Jim Gaffigan Show’ Season 2 Returns to TV Land on June 19

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"The Trial" (Airs 6/19, 10:30pm)
When I watched the first season of The Jim Gaffigan Show, I figured the character Jim (played by Gaffigan) is a more expanded version of Andy Franklin in My Boys (TBS, 2006-10). In case you’ve never heard of My Boys, Andy was the only married guy among a gang of singles who get together frequently for poker games, pick-up softball games, etc. Andy was a family guy who was tired “like an old man” and used his wife as an excuse to leave them.

Well, I guess Gaffigan always sticks to what he knows – comedy career, family, and his obsession with food. The Jim Gaffigan Show, written and produced by Jim & Jeannie Gaffigan, follows the Gaffigans in Manhattan – Jim, Jeannie (played by Ashley Williams in the show) and the five children. His constant desire for food and naps takes precedence over any other aspects of his life, but fortunately he has a very loving and unhinged wife and the quietest kids I’ve ever seen. Maybe these kids are what Gaffigan wishes he had in real life, I wonder.

Jim is not fazed by constant nitpicking by Dave (Adam Goldberg), his delusional character actor wannabe friend. The only bizarre element of this show is Jeannie’s gay ex-boyfriend Daniel (Michael Ian Black), who seems to be in the Gaffigan’s kitchen all the time bragging, whining, and sniping at Jim. The couples’ good-naturedness is surprising since most of New Yorkers as well as comedians come across as an angry bunch.

However, this semi-autobiographical show will take us to a different place this season. It’ll no doubt be full of food, but also plenty of food for thought. You will agree with Jim when he blurts out, “What kind of world are we living in?”

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