The King Family Classic Television Specials Collection – Volume 1

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kingJoin the King Family for four of their classic television specials. Featuring The King Sisters, The Four King Cousins, The King Kiddies, Alvino Rey, Robert Clarke, and all the others, these television specials are definitely a blast from the past.


The four shows in this delightful 2-disc DVD set include an Easter show from April 12, 1968, a Mother’s Day show from May 11, 1968, a June show from June 14, 1969, and a September show from September 3, 1968, each filled with songs commemorating those special times of the year. The technical quality on some of the shows is not the best because, face it, these were produced about 50 years ago, but the fun has survived and is definitely the main part of these shows. As a matter of fact, there are some bonus features that include pieces of a lost Valentine’s Day show from 1968 as well as clips from a 1965 show and some home movies and behind the scenes with the family.


Watching the wardrobes and the hairstyles is great. While they do date the shows, what never goes out of style is the music. The combination of pop, easy-listening, Broadway and film songs, as well as amazing instrumental numbers, will bring back memories for those who remember those days, and provide a glimpse of the times for those who were not yet born all those years ago.


This is one talented family. Not only do they sing and dance, they create wonderful and memorable acts. The one that stays in my mind is with cousins Rick and Tina. Tina plays a doll that comes to life for a dance with Rick. This woman has so much talent that she really does look like she is a doll. And she is one in every sense of the word. It’s something you need to see to appreciate just how talented these people are.


For a trip down memory lane, check out The King Family Classic Television Specials Collection – Volume 1. The musical variety specials from the 1960s are enjoyable, fun, entertaining, and really groovy. This set is not rated, however it is appropriate for all ages.


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