‘The Madame Blanc Mysteries’ is a fun and intriguing series on AcornTV

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The new original series for the streaming channel AcornTV, The Madame Blanc Mysteries, is an inventive and intriguing show. Sally Lindsay stars as Jean White, a courageous woman who finds herself in the middle of a mystery – or two or more. She is a brilliant antiques dealer who can assess the authenticity of any item and can also put together clues with her intelligent mind and zest for the truth.

When her husband dies in a car crash, Jean leaves England to go to Sainte Victoire, France, a hub for antiques and apparently an area filled with riddles. She meets Dom, a taxi driver who winds up being her right hand man when it comes to her endeavors. In the beginning, Jean sets out to prove her husband was murdered and, while adding up the clues, she manages to get involved in other mysteries. But she is up to the challenges.

This woman turns into a detective to solve one mystery after another, all the while trying to figure out what happened to her husband. She uncovers plenty of strange facts about his past as well as the others in the town.

Lindsay developed the series and said, “Jean’s not a flamboyant, Sherlock-type character, but she’s a down to earth woman who is just as clever! She is exceedingly confident in her knowledge of antiques and she sees things other people don’t see.”

The first episodes of this witty and absorbing series are now streaming on AcornTV with more coming in the next two weeks. There are six episodes in the season and they are delightful with hopefully another season coming down the line. Check out The Madame Blanc Mysteries on AcornTV.

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