The Oak Ridge Boys: Boys Night Out on CD

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oakridgeboysTo mark the 41st anniversary of their band, The Oak Ridge Boys celebrated with President George H.W. Bush – aka Bush 41! Besides this personal meeting with the former president, The Oak Ridge Boys are marking this anniversary with their first live album. Boys Night Out is available on CD, digital download, and – yes – vinyl.


“You’re the One” and “Love Song” are upbeat, swinging love songs. Come to think of it, “Sail Away” fits this description as well. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of spirited love songs on this album.


“Come on In” is one of the most upbeat songs on this album. It’s too catchy not to keep singing it after the song has stopped playing.


Perhaps the slowest love song in this collection is “Make My Life With You.” It’s not one that is snazzy like the others. It’s a soulful love ballad.


“American Made” celebrates America. If you watch ABC News, you know they are pushing “Made in America” products. While this song references American products, the ORBs sing about an American woman. And let’s not forget their hit “Thank God for Kids.” Their country/gospel style of music is endearing to multiple generations of music lovers.


The tracks in Boys Night Out are:

1. You’re The One

2. American Made

3. (I’m Settin’) Fancy Free

4. Love Song

5. Y’all Come Back Saloon

6. Sail Away

7. Dream On

8. This Crazy Love

9. Trying To Love Two Women

10. Come On In

11. Make My Life With You

12. Thank God For Kids

13. Elvira

14. Bobbie Sue


In the liner notes, the ORBs mention they have never felt the time was right to record a live album. Last year they felt it was finally right and this is it. If you have never been to an Oak Ridge Boys concert, this is the next best thing to being there. And if you have had the fun of an ORB concert, this collection will bring back all the memories.


Pop in the CD, click on “play”, or turn on your turntable and start toe tapping with The Oak Ridge Boys: Boys Night Out. After 41 years, you know they are doing something right to keep their loyal fans. Just listening to these songs emphasizes that point, as well as the fact they have sold over 40 million albums.


Boys Night Out will have you off the chair and dancing to the music. Just make sure, if you’re listening in the car, to stay seated!


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