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Meggan Kaiser and Philip Boyd star in this new film about not only finding love, but also finding yourself. It’s a story for today’s social media world.

Molly (Kaiser) is a content creator for a company dedicated to social media and their goal is to get the most online “clicks”, “hits”, “likes”, and “follows”, and “comments” for all the vlogs they put up. When Molly finds herself newly single after splitting up with her boyfriend, she is given the assignment to create an online series titled “The Single’s Guidebook” in which she posts how she traverses through her life as a single. Where do singles meet? What do they do to find others in their same boat?

Her neighbor Jackson (Boyd) is a veteran at being single. He knows all about the singles world. They accidentally meet up at a cooking class for singles and Molly talks him into joining her assignment. She will help him find a date and he will help her find happiness as a single woman. 

Things heat up as they try karaoke, salsa dancing, poetry reading, and general activities where singles meet, interact, and possibly make a connection with someone else. But as these kinds of movies go, viewers know that Molly and Jackson are going to be the ones who make the connection.

The themes of this film is being true to yourself, being comfortable in your own life, enjoying being yourself, and not caring what others think about you. While Jackson is an easy-going kind of guy, although he is truly dedicated to his non-profit organization for kids, Molly is a structured, by the book kind of gal. Together they make a great team, even though they are complete opposites. 

In many ways this is a modern take on the 2004 film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, in which the main character falls in love with the guy she is assigned to repel and is torn between finishing the article and her love for the guy. In The Single’s Guidebook, the vlog series might be damaging to Jackson’s job and could ruin their relationship. Molly is torn between continuing the vlog which could lead to a potential promotion, and Jackson. What’s a modern girl to do? The answer is “follow your heart.”

The Single’s Guidebook brings viewers into the world of social media. For those of us who are print dinosaurs, this is a new world, with likes, hits, etc. But for Molly, it is her job and her life, at least for the time being. As it turns out, she’s really not all that happy doing it. So, she decides to finally follow her own heart and do what makes her happy and fulfilled.

This is a cute story. The Single’s Guidebook premieres Sunday, March 3, 2024. 

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