‘Upheaval: The Journey of Menachem Begin’ is an educational experience about a man and his country

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Menachem Begin was the sixth Prime Minister of Israel, however before his political career began his influence in the creation and formulation of Israel was felt throughout the land. Upheaval: The Journey of Menacham Begin follows his life from his youth to his death.

Having been a target for anti-Semitism throughout his youth and into college, Begin was one of the prominent proponents of Zionism, which called for the creation of a Jewish homeland in their ancestral land. After World War II he made his way to Israel where he joined the Irgun, an organization dedicated to the creation of Israel. Their counterpart, the Haganah, was less up front and willing to work with the British. But that was not getting anywhere, so the Irgun launched several attacks against the British, however before their attacks they gave them warning. As Begin says about the attack on the King David Hotel, if they had heeded their warning, none of the 91 people who died would have been killed. Neither the Irgun nor the Haganah wanted more death. The holocaust and the war caused enough death and suffering.

After the British left the State of Israel was established in 1948 and Arabs immediately invaded the country on all sides. This war finally ended and then it was up to the Israelis to form their government and construct their country. Begin was instrumental in all aspects of the country, and in 1977 he was finally elected as Prime Minister in a landslide upset.

Like Trump’s “America First” program, Begin was for “Israel First.” Everything he did was for the country and the people. His insight into the future was remarkable. Having been in a Russian gulag in Siberia as well as being targeted by anti-Semites, Begin knew personally how badly the Jewish people had been treated around the world. And he said, “Never again,” when talking about the holocaust. “Never again” would Jews be slaughtered and gassed. “Never Again.”

As a founder of the Likud party, Begin took a tough stance on protecting Jews around the world, as well as standing strong on peace and freedom. He began “Operation Moses” which brought thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. He welcomed the Vietnamese boat people when no other country would take them in. He showed the world that Israel was a compassionate country with compassionate people but who were also fierce.

When Sadat made his historic visit to Israel, a feat no other Arab leader had ever done, Begin saw the opportunity to forge a lasting peace with Egypt. With the help of the Americans, The Camp David Accords provided that peace, and Begin and Sadat went on to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

This man was controversial, as is President Trump. They are made in the same mold. Their administrations were built on helping their people and securing their countries. Menacham Begin has critics in Israel however no one will deny he played a major part in the creation of the country and while Prime Minister he advanced the lifestyles of Israelis while all the time holding their safety as his top priority.

Upheaval: The Journey of Menacham Begin is an enlightening film that shines a light on this founder of Israel. The film was an official selection of the Heartland International Film Festival, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, the Miami Jewish Film Festival, the Denver Jewish Film Festival, and the Pittsburgh JFilm. Christians as well as Jews are treated to an up close look at the life and times of Menacham Begin with historic film footage as well as interviews from Begin and historians. This is a film that is not only enlightening but also important. It shows that from tragedy and horror, there can be a light of hope and peace.

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