Vlad and Niki Rule the Web

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Currently, they have 57+ Million YouTube viewers on the English Channel and more than 120+ Million worldwide.  They are #1 with boys worldwide. They were recognized by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, 10th Annual Lovie Awards “for their Viral Video collaboration with Mattel’s Hot Wheels City video. So who are these little guys who have taken the world by storm?

“Vlad & Niki”is an imaginative, live-action preschool YouTube series, showcasing the everyday comedic antics of two young brothers, starring seven-year-old Vlad Vashketov and five-year-old Niki Vashketov, along with the help of their humorous mother Victoria Vashketova. “Vlad & Niki” have more than 57+ million subscribers on their English Channel and 120+ million worldwide with more than 56 billion total views averaging five billion views a month.

The streaming short-form content is packed with non-stop adventures, creativity and tons of fun. Localized on 16 channels and translated into 13 languages, the key preschool learning themes for “Vlad & Niki” include family fun, discovery play, home adventures, indoor and outdoor fun and games, singing and dancing.

The inspiration for the series began when Vlad noticed the antics of other kids while watching YouTube, and wanted to make one of his own. The Vashketov family began recording and uploading videos of the boys during their free time on the weekends in their home.  As their popularity grew, so did the families’ creativity.  Each episode is produced with an innovative mix of live action, animation and music to create comedic videos that capture the attention of the preschool demographic. Their one-year-old brother Christian often guest-stars in the episodes.

Vlad & Niki were recognized by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences’ 10th Annual Lovie Awards for outstanding work in the Shortlist category.   They received numerous YouTube Creative Awards, commonly known as Play Buttons, including a Ruby Play Button for fifty million subscribers; three Diamond Ruby Play Buttons for ten million subscribers; 16 Gold Ruby Play Buttons for a million subscribers; and 16 Silver Ruby Play Buttons for one hundred thousand subscribers.

Vlad is the rambunctious, adventurous, older brother who enjoys playing soccer, kickboxing, and water sports.  A natural performer, Vlad is obsessed with animals and, when not in school, he spends his free time hip hop dancing and singing to his favorite performers including Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons.  Vlad is in second grade and speaks English and Russian

Niki is the precocious younger brother who loves traveling, fashion, singing, dancing, painting and being creative.  In his free time he enjoys do-it-yourself projects, arts and crafts, cooking and baking – pies are his favorite.  Niki is in kindergarten and speaks English and Russian.

Victoria is the fun-loving mother whose lively personality is essential to the “Vlad & Niki” storytelling.  The mother of three began her career performing as a competitive gymnast in Russia.  She had a reputation for being the lively, expressive gymnast showcasing her exuberant personality during competition.

The “Vlad & Niki” video-streaming property is created, written and produced by Sergey, the boys’ father, and his wife Victoria, who co-founded Content Media Group FZC, LLC. Before garnering viral global attention, Sergey was a successful salesman and applied his skills to help create a worldwide brand that includes international licensing deals and brand integration.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, by way of Thailand, the family now resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Florida, United States.

Their new App Games for IOS and Android are:

“Vlad & Niki Run”

Just like Vlad and Niki, players can jump and run as fast as they can to dodge trains, customize and suit up in their favorite hero outfits, ride and surf awesome hoverboards and fly with crazy jetpacks.

“Vlad & Niki 12 Locks”

Players will find it hard to sit still while getting into all sorts of adventures racing cars, flying planes and rocketing into space in superhero suits trying to unlock the 12 locks required to open a jar full of yummy chocolate chip cookies.

“Vlad & Niki Supermarket”

Exciting and educational supermarket adventures are in store for players who go to the grocery store, building supplies market, housewares store and toys shop to learn about shopping and paying for products, as well as helping father and mother unpack the products and put them on their places at home.

This family sure knows how to entertain. And they look like they are loving every second. Way to go boys! Well done.