William Shatner has a ‘Senior Moment’

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William Shatner and Jean Smart costar in their new film Senior Moment. It takes place in Palm Springs, California and has many funny scenes as well as some sentimental ones.

Shatner is Victor Martin, a retired NASA test pilot. He loves speed and he loves his vintage Porsche. His greatest joys in life are driving his car and going after young women. His best friend is Sal (Christopher Lloyd), who goes along with what Victor does. And Victor does some reckless things.

Caroline (Smart) owns a cute little café and is famous for her strudel. She is a throwback to the 60s and only uses organic ingredients while living a pretty healthy lifestyle.

Victor meets Pablo (Carlos Miranda) on the road. Pablo drives a hopped up old sedan. He challenges Victor to a road race. Well, things don’t go according to plan and Victor spins out his car while jeopardizing the lives of pedestrians. His punishment from the court is the revocation of his driver license and the impounding of his beloved car. It will take weeks for him to take a test to restore his license and get his car back. In the meantime, he has to resort to walking, cabs, and, to his chagrin, taking the bus.

It is on the bus that Victor meets Caroline. Things go along in their lives and pretty soon the two become friends. She gets him involved in her cause to save the Desert Tortoise and he introduces her to the joy of speed.

The relationship between the two takes on a sweet tone. They show that age does not mean life has to stop and love can happen at any time in life. Will Victor forego his lust for young nubile women? That would be a big change for him.

While he is preparing for his driving test, Victor, Caroline, and Pablo join with Sal and some of their friends to help him get his car back and get on with life. What Victor discovers is that things that mattered in the past might be obsolete to him now.

Ruta Lee makes a fun cameo.

Senior Moment is available now in theaters and on demand. The movie was filmed on location in and around Palm Springs. It is not rated however it does include sex and some drugs.

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