Adventurers in Diviniand - a fantasy thriller written by an 11 year old.

Ages:Ages 9 - 14
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Nancy Olawale was just 11 years old when she wrote “Adventures in Diviniand”, a kids fantasy thriller, written by a kid for kids aged 8 – 14 years. It’s a story of three eleven-year-olds who land up in a fantasy land and the adventures that happen as they try to get back home.

Exciting (and some scary) things happen on their once-in-a-lifetime journey amidst playful diveels, fascinating maps and a frightful man! Can they get out, or will they be stuck there forever?

Synopsis of “Adventures in Diviniand”:
Jessica Lilly Roberts has as normal a life as any eleven-year-old girl, but when she is given a pendant for her birthday, strange things start to happen…

When Jess finds herself in a strange place called Diviniand with her two friends Harry and Olivia, they must find their way back home.

Will Jess, Harry, and Olivia be stuck in Diviniand forever, or will they be able to find their way back before the Divinament catches them first?