Ansel & Clair: Little Green Island (iPad 2 and later)

Ages:6-12 yrs
Website:Apple iTunes

Ansel & Clair: Little Green Island, launched July 25, 2013 ( is part of the multi-award winning Ansel & Clair series (winner of 18 awards).

This app on the environment and pollution combines gaming and learning like never before. Learn everything from trash and recycling to carbon footprints, greenhouse gases, oil spills, pesticides, renewable energy, hole in the ozone and much more.

•    STIMULATE YOUR CREATIVE INSTINCTS: Plant trees and decorate your island. Choose from over 50 trees to with wind spinners, totem pole, chimes, ponds, caves, sculptures and more.

•    PLAY 18 GAME LEVELS THAT COMBINE FUN, CREATIVITY & PROBLEM SOLVING: Fix environmental challenges and complete missions to unlock rewards (trees, decorations and environment savers). Buy unlocked rewards with GreenBucks (no in-app purchases). Earn GreenBucks by completing missions, clearing trash, planting trees, selling trees, catching the coal plants dumping pollutants, cleaning birds stuck in oil, and by adding environment savers like windmills and bike paths.

•    FIX OR MITIGATE POLLUTION EVENTS: Clear trash, put out a forest fire, replace chemical pesticides with good bugs, buy a skimmer to clean up an oil spill, add a scrubber to the coal plant to stop acid rain, add a bike path and public transportation to reduce vehicle pollution, and even sign a 3-island treaty committing to reduce the ozone hole.

•    TAKE PROACTIVE ACTION: Reduce your carbon footprint by switching to solar energy on Green Island in Level 8; Help Folksville embrace public transportation and add a bike path in Level 13; Plant fast growing Miscanthus grass, which can be made into Ethanol in Level 14; Add a wind farm in Level 18 and more.

•    LEARN BY EXPERIENCING CAUSE AND EFFECT: As the game progresses, experience dramatic changes around your island. On one side, Indy Farm gets sold and is replaced by a small town called Folksville, which grows into a bustling city. On the other side, watch the burnt down forestland morph into Smoky Island after a coal plant and other factories are built over it. Spectacular animations and visuals showcase a host of pollution events over the course of the game.

•    MAKE REAL WORLD CONNECTIONS: Learn from seeing direct causal relationships between the changes in Folksville and Smokey Island and the pollutants they create. By juxtaposing the user created and nurtured Green Island against its pollution-filled neighbors, Smokey Island and Folksville, learn the ultimate lesson that – we are all in this together. We can take wonderful care of our own little space or school or country, but actions of others affect us as much as our own.

•    HAVE FUN WHILE YOU LEARN: Along the way, have fun cleaning the birds affected by the oil spill in a mini game. In addition, nine catchy little songs on pollutants such as methane, carbon dioxide, pesticides not only entertain but also teach.

•    LEARN EVEN MORE WITH CLAIRVISION: Fully supported by text and audio, Clairvision, provides additional and more in-depth learning. Learn about the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, how scientists discovered Acid Rain, the impact of trash, how cows and methane are connected, do pesticides harm or help, fossil fuels, biomass, renewable energy and much more.


Awards & Accolades:
o    Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Technology 2013
o    Dr. Toy Top 100 Children’s Products: 2011
o    Winner of a 2013 Parents Choice Award
o    10 Best Kids Apps of 2013 – USA Today