Ava the Monster Slayer: Sleepover Super Heroes by Lisa Maggiore

Ages:6 - 9

Ava, Piggy, and their friends are back for their final adventure!

If you know Ava, you know she’s a brave warrior who wears glasses—and a good friend. So when Piggy is taken from her at a school-sponsored sleepover, of course she’s going to rescue him.

Piggy isn’t the only best friend who has been taken, though. Ashley and Emma’s stuffed animals, Uni and Raffe, have also been hidden by a group of older girls.

Having heard that the school’s hallways are haunted by the ghosts of teachers and mythical creatures, the courageous trio comes up with a plan to safely sneak to the library, where their stuffies are being held.

The dress-up box—and a bit of imagination—provides them with exactly what they need to protect them and defeat any monsters they may encounter on their journey from the gym to the library.

But when they get to their destination, they’re met with a challenge they weren’t expecting. Will they be able to channel their inner superheroes (with their makeshift hammer, claws, and web spray) to face their fears and to rescue Piggy, Raffe, and Uni?

As usual, the Maggiore and Felten team have produced a fun, imaginative graphic novel–style picture book that that brings Ava the Monster Slayer’s story to life and proves that just because she’s small, wears glasses, and sleeps with a stuffed animal doesn’t mean she’s not brave, smart, kind, and a true warrior.

Complete the trilogy with: Ava the Monster Slayer: A Warrior Who Wears Glasses and Ava the Monster Slayer: Cousin Power.

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