Baby Safety Outlet Cover Box


* IMPROVED OUTLET COVER SAFETY BOX to give you peace of mind. Your baby or toddler is far less likely to experience an accident or injury. This box uses an ingenious double lock mechanism that’s very easy for adults to open, yet difficult for a toddler to use. Smooth, fast, effortless one-hand open for parents, grandparents, sitters.

* MORE ROOM INSIDE the box for plugs and adapters. Universally accepts nearly all electrical plugs. The box is a generous 6.4″ tall and 3.9″ wide with plenty of depth to accommodate adapters for phone and gaming consoles. Much better than other designs that can be cramped, hard to use, and difficult to open.

* ALL HARDWARE INCLUDED. You get the safety box, screws for fastening, standard electrical plate, and decorative plate. Install in just 3 simple steps: shut off power and remove existing outlet plate, insert our plate and safety box, attach with included screws. You’re done!

* PERFECT FOR KITCHEN, BEDROOM, bathroom, garage, patio, or anywhere you have an electrical outlet. Helps keep babies, toddlers, and small children from sticking their curious fingers in dangerous places. This is the smarter baby proofing that is much more effective, very smooth and easy to use, and looks great everywhere in your home and business. In stylish white to match all decor, styles, and color choices.

* GREAT GIFT IDEA for birthday, holiday, anniversary, and baby shower. Many people are getting several to fully baby proof their home with modern outlet covers. Get yours now while we have this very popular product in plentiful supply. Lots of parents are talking about this and it’s selling quickly.

MORE SECURE BABY SAFETY OUTLET COVER BOX uses a special double lock mechanism to discourage little fingers from playing with electrical outlets and plugs. While the box is very difficult for a toddler to open, it’s smooth and easy for adults. Simply turn the dial to zero, press the 2 buttons, and open the door. Much easier and more reliable than other designs. There is a lot of room inside this box. It measures 3.9″ wide and 6.4″ tall with plenty of internal space to accommodate just about any plug or standard size adapter. Just right for phone power plugs and gaming console adapters that won’t fit in smaller boxes. We include all the hardware for easy 3 step install. We even include the screws. Takes just minutes to effectively baby proof your home or business. It’s the responsible, caring thing to do and will give you improved peace of mind.

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