Firewood and Christmas Potatoes

Ages:7 - 11

The hardest times can teach the greatest lessons.

During the 1930s, eight-year-old, Delia, along with her four siblings and mother, leave the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma. Taking only a few belongings and using the last of the money to buy a two-headed axe, Delia’s mother travels to California to find work in the agricultural fields-tomatoes, grapes, cotton-anything that would support her family during the Great Depression. While confronting severe poverty, young Delia brings to life her mother’s morals: hard work, sharing, and the universal need to be loved.

Firewood and Christmas Potatoes is based on true events and will take the young reader to a time when approximately three million Americans (including children) were once treated harshly as they journeyed to a different state to begin a new life. Children will experience the life of a child similar in age, who encountered challenges and embraced hardship by allowing their heart to love all.

Firewood and Christmas Potatoes is a heartwarming story that will become a family favorite during the holiday season.

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