Fish Out Germs- MEandMine Story of Healing

Ages:4 - 7

MEandMine is a new play experience that makes discovering body, mind, and emotions the most fun, mind-blowing, and inspiring hands-on adventures. FISH OUT GERMS merges imagination-based story with STEAM powered tactile explorations for our children ages 4-7+ to discover all the magical ways our healing system works to take care of us and help us grow. The magic starts with a storybook through which children learn about the amazing healing power of the human body and the unique roles played by platelets, white blood cells, germs, and more! The entertaining tale is presented in such a way to bring abstract concepts to life with intuitive and playful adventures, and, indeed, they take it all in with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Next, through building hands-on projects, little learners repair a ruptured vessel, build a magnetic fishing rod and use it to fish out all the germs from the vessel pond. Once built, kids discover the inner working of their bodies. And as they find out what they’re made of, they’ll learn to love all their gifts and quirks, letting them face the wild road of life ahead with excitement, creativity, and resilience.

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