GG works the Honeybees - Helping Nature

Ages:Infant to age 10
Price:$27 hardcover, $17 paperback, $9.99 eBook

Renee Goodwin’s Latest Children’s Book “GG Works the Honeybees” Takes Everyone on an Adventure Helping Nature, Working the Honeybees Harvesting Honey.

“Put Your Beekeeper Suit on and Explore Nature Working the Honeybees Harvesting Honey with GG in Renee Goodwin’s Latest Children’s Action Adventure Story”.

[Tyler, Texas,] – Renowned author, educator, and visionary, Renee Goodwin, has unveiled her latest literary masterpiece, “GG Works the Honeybees – Helping Nature.” In this heartwarming addition to the GG Life Lesson Storybook Series®, Renee invites children and their families to join GG the energetic puppy as she suits-up, embarking on an exciting adventure working the honeybees harvesting nature’s gift of honey with her My Mr. Gee.
About the Book: In “GG Works the Honeybees,” readers are introduced to GG, a spirited and curious puppy who smells sweetness in the air giving her a clue it is time to work the honeybees with her My Mr. Gee, the best beekeeper ever. GG hears My Mr. Gee calling, “GG, load up. It is time to work the honeybees!” GG and My Mr. Gee jump into the truck embarking on a “tasty” adventure.

Although GG struggles putting on her protective suit, paw covers, hat, veil and gloves, she jumps into help My Mr. Gee with the beehive frames and honeycombs. Working with My Mr. Gee harvesting the honey, GG is excited to perform her own “taste test”. Will GG have a lick of nature’s “tasty treat”? Readers are invited to suit-up and follow GG as she works the honeybees, uncovering nature’s gift of honey.

“GG Works the Honeybees” is a captivating tale filled with powerful lessons for young minds about the importance of curiosity, adventure, and embracing new experiences with loved ones. Exploring with My Mr. Gee and GG, children are encouraged to partake of the wonders of nature.

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