Ages:3 - 10

Tired of tantrums and timeouts?

Nobody likes yelling at their kids! We know we need to teach them to behave, but wouldn’t it be great if we could do it in a way that brought the whole family closer together. Now you can!

Developed for kids ages 3-10, this five-time award-winning product is all about encouraging kids to do their best every day! Goodtimer is an interactive and friendly clock-like companion that glows with soothing green lights and encouraging sounds that motivate kids to earn Good Time©. What’s Good Time? Unlike “time-outs” that punish bad behavior, Goodtimer helps kids earn Good Time when they’re following your family’s house rules. What’s great about Goodtimer is it’s customizable to meet your family’s unique values. Good Time can be earned for anything that kids and parents agree to, such as simple age-appropriate tasks like making their bed, household chores, getting homework done, brushing their teeth, or just being good listeners. With Goodtimer, it’s totally up to your family. The best part is, kids LOVE feeling celebrated for their accomplishments when they earn Goodtimer tokens they can save and exchange for fun incentives

More than just a toy that kids will play with once and then get bored with, Goodtimer’s smart software and adjustable difficulty settings will grow with your child, encouraging them to form healthy habits for years to come. No wonder both parents and kids love Goodtimer!

Each Goodtimer includes the Goodtimer device, the Goodtimer children’s book, a decorative sticker sheet, a charging cable, 32 reusable tokens, a plush token pouch, customer support, and exclusive access to positive parenting resources.

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