Guapo's Stories: Guapo's Great Rescue: Clay Finds a Forever Home

Ages:3 - 8

Guapo’s heart is as big as he is!

Affectionately known as a gentle giant, Guapo is never too busy to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. When Clay the quarter horse arrives at his new home, he’s scared and very shy. Will Guapo be able to coax Clay out of his shell so he can enjoy his new life with new friends? Guapo knows that it will take patience, kindness, and compassion to help Clay with his feelings.

Based on true stories, Guapo’s adventures showcase important life messages that parents can impart to their children. Join Guapo and his great rescue!

A portion of the proceeds from Guapo’s Great Rescue will go to the Coachella Valley Horse Rescue in Indio, California.

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