Heartsongs of the Rainbow Music Album

Ages:2 - 10 years old
Price:$6.93 digital & $15.00 hard copy retail

“Heartsongs of the Rainbow” is the first album of its kind, created by me, a pediatric speech pathologist with the aim of uplifting, inspiring, nurturing and supporting those who need it the most, the Special Needs Community. Each song allows children the opportunity to learn and demonstrate simple physical and gestural movements as well as to vocalize with repetitive, easy-to-make sounds. Targeted at young children with special needs who have a developmental age between 2-10 years old, “Heartsongs of the Rainbow” uses positive reinforcement to encourage children to move their mouths and strengthen vocal abilities through singing and helps children find their authentic voice through the magic of song. This album may also be enjoyed by ALL CHILDREN!
Music on this album was created by Isaac and Thorald Koren of https://brotherskoren.com/voice/ during the “Singer-Songwriter’s Journey”. I sing lead vocals and wrote all the lyrics. Sound Engineer on the album: Kyle Mangels. Album Graphics: created by Michael “Miko” Bratland at: http://designforgoodpeople.com/

Available online at: Apple Music or any other digital streaming platform. Or can be purchased on Adrienne’s website.