Jack's Garage: Tire Maintenance for Kids

Ages:5 - 9

Introducing Jack’s Garage, the first of a new series by 13-year old kid author Jack Scudder. Since Jack was a very young boy, he was obsessed with the maintenance and care of a wide variety of vehicles – cars, trucks, tractors, scooters, and even boats! – and he’s passionate about teaching other children how to understand and appreciate the inner workings of these “things that go”.

In Jack’s Garage: Tire Maintenance for Kids, Jack will walk children through the step-by-step processes of maintaining vehicle tires for optimal safety. This book is not meant to be a manual, rather a child-friendly guideline to help kids learn basic terminology and steps so they can expand upon their interests and knowledge as they grow older and gain more independence. The images are bright and colorful, and the book includes a basic list of terms to aid with vocabulary development.

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