Kano Computer Kit


Kano is a computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple steps, stories, and plug-and-play pieces show you how to build and code your own computer. Open up the box and out pop two illustrated storybooks. Page-by-page, look inside a Raspberry Pi computer, plug in wifi and memory powerups, wire up a speaker, flash colorful lights with code, style it with stickers and decals. Once your computer boots up, you dive into Kano’s open-source OS. You use computer commands to find the white rabbit. Drag and drop jigsaw blocks turn coding into a game, and as you learn more, you level up, unlocking new powers. Make games like Pong and Snake, code mountains and castles in Minecraft, create musical beats and songs, light shows, artworks, and more. It’s a powerful, practical toolkit for open experimentation and play. Kids of all ages have already made and shared over 15 million lines of code, and in 86 countries, inventors, artists, educators, and beginners have created servers, robots, speakers, solar arrays, joke machines, and more with Kano.
Where to Purchase: http://kano.me