Kathryn the Grape All Together

Ages:3 - 8

Kathryn the Grape’s All Together 10-song album provides youth and adult listeners with a vibrant spectrum of positive, empowering, and unifying lyrics accompanied by engaging musical arrangements. Self-loving affirmation songs “I Like Being Me,” “I Am That I Am” and “I Feel Good About Myself” help children experience love from the inside out, and they’ll dance along to “Shake Shake Shake” and “Let’s Celebrate” while jumping along to “Jump With Joy.” Kathryn the Grape’s invitation in “Just Be” unites our global community and “It’s Okay to Cry” provides everyone with freedom to feel and express. Love ripples through “You Matter to Me” and the power of personal choices is illuminated in “Choosing Kindness.”

Available online at: https://kathrynthegrape.com/