"Kids Making Healthy Choices" APP

Ages:4-14 Yrs

The “Kids Making Healthy Choices” APP, based on and including the award-winning illustrated fictional children’s book “Making Healthy Choices – A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids” is available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad. The APP is intended to foster kids’ good nutrition, fitness and overall health and impede the childhood obesity epidemic while also lessening the incidence of bullying by cultivating empathy and understanding among peers. The Kids Making Healthy Choices APP is both for children (who can access the Boys’ and Girls’ Editions of the award-winning children’s story and health-themed Fun Activity Sheets within the APP) as well as parents, caregivers, educators and pediatricians who benefit from additional tools (Story Discussion Question prompts, Healthy Kid-Friendly Recipes, Free Online/Interactive Tools and Resources, Research and News links). NOT just for obese/overweight children, this APP helps educate and motivate all children to live a healthy lifestyle…one choice at a time.