Kurious Kid Interactive Map of Dinosaurs of USA

Ages:3 - 12

# This is an interactive map for kids between 3 to 12 years. This map helps children learn about the prehistoric dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago.

# A great learning tool for kids who love dinosaurs. This interactive map shares tons of information for the U.S.—based dinosaurs including fun facts, size, locations, discoveries, roar sounds, and other interesting information.

# The map is designed with a built-in speaker and tons of easy-to-push buttons to let children hear more than 200 different things including dinosaur songs, “Know Me” facts, and even quizzes!

# More than an educational map, our map features pictures of colorful dinosaurs which are rich in textures and high resolution.

# This wall map can be hung up in child’s bedroom for self-play or used in classroom settings to teach multiple children about dinosaurs.Amazon.com

# Product dimension is 36 x 27 x 0.07 inches and weight is 1.65 pounds

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