Let’s Start Coding Code Car


Code Car is a hands-on way for kids 8-12 to learn computer coding while exploring electronics. This tiny hand-held circuit board has buttons, lights, and a speaker that kids can customize to create colorful LED patterns, a police siren, or a creative ‘honk’ on the horn.

There are 14 online projects that guide kids through the basics of coding in C++ (see-plus-plus) and inspire their creativity with coding challenges that modify their car. Along the way, kids are discovering the fundamentals of computer science, like loops, variables, functions, and ‘if’ statements.

Because the feedback from their code is immediate and visible, Code Car makes a great starting place for kids who already have a little experience with ‘block’ coding and are ready to move on to real, typed coding.

Let’s Start Coding is a company made up of life-long learners and educators. It is based in Louisville, KY.

Available online and Amazon.com (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076616G2C)